Third Times a Charm…

So as we all know, I have been using TAGS Explorer 6.0 to analyze tweets from Twitter. The hashtag I have been following is #TheWalkingDead. This show airs on AMC Sunday nights at 9pm. The show started October 10, 2010, and in October of 2015 the show will begin season 6! The Walking Dead always starts in October, have six episodes, and ends in December for a break. It then starts back up in the beginning of February and ends the end of March. Just from the couple months following this hashtag, I have learned so much and realized how much of a pain in the neck it would be to analyze more tweets than what I had to. Only ten minutes in the show, I gathered 5000 tweets, just imagine if I analyzed the tweets from the beginning to the end of the show! With that little bit of time, this is what I learned so far.

What I have come to learn about the hashtag #TheWalkingDead is retweeting is a major part of this analysis because it is more common than just tweeting to tweet their opinions. There are more retweets in the ten minutes that were recorded during The Walking Dead show. In fact, 45% of the tweets collected were retweets, and only 3% of the tweets were tweets that were direct tweets. Where I expected to see everyone who tweets, to tweet together, it seemed to be completely opposite. there was barely any communication going on. When looking at the retweet section, there is a lot more going on. As Nancy Baym stays in Personal Connections in the Digital Age,“Internet proponents… touted a new age of ‘virtual community’ in which webs of personal connection transcended time and distance to create meaningful new social formations” (72.)

51steQi0pKL circle

I learned that the main hashtag #TheWalkingDead could be found on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. But that’s not the only hashtag that is used for the show. Some other popular hashtags that were used for the show are: #TWDAlexandria, #AlexandriaSafeZone #TWD, #TalkingDead, #WalkingDead, #RickGrimes. #TWDAlexandria, #AlexandriaSafeZone are used for the new safe zone. The fans want a safe place for the cast we all grew to love and we use the hashtag to support the community and wish for the best. #TWD, #WalkingDead, are very similar to #TheWalkingDead. TWD is short for The Walking Dead and Walking Dead just does not have “The” in front of it. These hashtags are used to symbolize or comment the show or say something that relates to the show. #RickGrimes is the main character and during this episode he was the main focus. He did not trust Alexandria and he shaved his beard. It was a big deal! #TalkingDead is a hashtag names after the “After show” of The Walking Dead. It recaps the newest episode and has three special guest. They talk about what they think will happen in future episodes and their comments on the newest episode. There is trivia questions throughout the show and they bring up tweets from fans that tweeted during the show. I could also talk about the websites and more about the social medias, but you can just scroll through my other blogs because they go in great detail!


Dreaming of a Writing Space…

No writing space is perfect, that is why I want to create my own.  My own writing space that has zero distractions, soothing music that goes along with my writing (stop, play and pause button incase I don’t feel like listening), a feature (like google), that always saves your work as you go along with your writing, and fun things like that!

When you open up this word document, I want it to open so that it is the only think you can see on the screen.  I want it to be when you first open the document, before you even start you must choose where you want this document to go on your computer.  After choosing that, the document continuously saves your work as you add to it.  I want it so there is nothing above the screen, and especially nothing below the screen (icons).  When I see other icons around my screen, it distracts my writing and causes me to get sidetracked.  Whether it be me seeing other writing documents, that I think back, “oh wait, I can’t forget to finish those!” or the internet where we all know is the most distracting thing for everyone nowadays.  I want my writing document screen to include the usual fonts, the different types of ways you can show fonts (bold, italics, underline) but I don’t want it to include too much ‘extras.’  A writing environment, you do not need tables and graphs.  Having a dictionary and thesaurus is helpful, but definitely not needed when we get check our own work and make ourselves think harder for those synonym and antonyms.

I want the document to have different backgrounds to it.  Maybe you are having a tough time trying to write something, give yourself a brighter background to let you stay focused and on the screen to get this writing assignment done.  If you are writing something sad or dark, you can make the document a darker color.  The document should set the tone of your writing and your emotions.  If documents looked ‘cooler’ and stood out and were not so boring, maybe people would appreciate having to write more assignments.

Having your own customized document might make writing a little easier for us as writers.  It has everything want and need and allows you to get your work done in a timely manner.  Having a document that creates no distractions for me, has some type of music to listen to, keeps me motivated, and has the basic things you need to write (fonts, sizes, maybe a dictionary and thesaurus) I feel like you can get the job done just fine!

Tracking 48 hours

The class was given a tan, mini notebook labeled “FIELD NOTES”- a 48 page memo book that each individual was supposed to use with their Pilot G-2 black pen.


For 48 hours, I tracked the use of my phone. From the littlest thing of simply just checking my phone to tracking a phone call and the length of it. Some of us may never realize how much we depend on our phone and the amount of times a day you actually use it for some reason or another.  Some of us may also realize that we always depend on our phone and know we use it a lot but do not realize that we nearly spend every hour of the day on our phone.

Throughout the 48 hours I had to track:

1. The number(#) of times I used my phone.

2. The date

3. The time is started

4. The length of usage

5. The type of activity- social or textual (or both)

6. What the activity actually was (texting, twitter, phone call, etc.)

7. Where and what was going on at that time.


After the 10th time of having to write everything out while using my phone, it bothered me to have to keep doing it.  I felt myself purposely not touching my phone just so that I did not have to take out my log and track it. As you can see from the above image, I used my phone quite a lot.  Every time I touched my phone and went to my log to track it; friends, family, my boyfriend, classmates, and work employees questioned what I could possibly be doing with a small notebook.  When they saw how much I had to track and what I was doing they were puzzled and confused.  Many asked why I was doing this and for what possible class could I be doing this in with an education major?  Most of them seemed interested after learning about the assignment and all noted that they too use their phone way too much too.

I definitely found out that I used my phone a lot. After counting the total numbers of everything I did I found out:

Textual Interaction:

alarm (6)

bank account (1)

Social Interaction:

phone calls (1)

instagram (13)

snapchat (3)


text (30)

twitter (9)

As you can see, you can tell why I purposely stopped using my phone.  I wanted to avoid having to track anything that was going on. Whether you think 57 times is a lot or not in 48 hours; it is when you count the amount of time that I was on my phone for.  Meanwhile, within those 48 hours of me tracking my phone usage, I was in 4 classes, had homework and also went to work.  All of those are which I should have not been using my phone, but continued to do so.  When tracking my phone and doing homework, it was like doing three things at once- using my phone with two homework assignments. The two assignments being tracking in my notebook but also trying to complete whatever homework I am working on.

Overall, this assignment was interesting to me.  It seemed different to be given this task, but seeing and finding out the results was amusing to see. Who would have thought I would have learned something through such a weird task/assignment?

Ideal Writing Space!

As you know from all my reflections, my professor tested my writing skills for class by having me use different writing spaces for each blog! Just a little recap I had to use WordPress, Zenpen, GoogleDocs, a typewriter, phone/tablet app. Now it is my turn to pick and choose what I liked from them and what I didn’t and create my own Ideal writing space!

Alright to start off with my ideal writing space, once you clicked into the program, your phone gets shut off and all social media! All distractions would have to be eliminated right away. This way once I start there is no stopping until it is finished. It wouldn’t have anything like the Microsoft word or GoogleDocs:

050207-1315-makingword211 Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 9.17.07 PM

But more like a typewriter: Only one style, font, and size! Let’s not forget the sound of the typewriter!


I have a feeling it would like like a laptop, but instead of the soft clicks of a keyboard, I would want the sound of the typewriter! Unlike the typewriter, you will be able to go back and fix mistakes and if you spell a word wrong it will be underlined red and if the was a fragment it would be underlined blue. The work would be saved automatic but there will also be a a save button so you can feel safe that your work is actually saved!

As of the different kinds of interactivities I would like only two of three that Baym discuss on page seven in her book, Personal Connections in the Digital Age. First, technical interactivity would be a must I would want to be able to manipulate the interface to write. Then I would want textual interactivity would be very important because I want there to be  interaction between not just myself but the readers as well as the text. I would not want the social interactivity.

I would not want any kind of 2.0 connectivities because I would want zero distractions of twitter or any other kind of media.

The kind of content I would use is text, image, video, audio. I think they are important to have for all writing assignments!

So if you see anything like this, you know who came up with it first 😉